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HOW TO - Using The Gallery

« on: April 26, 2012, 01:26:14 AM »
Hi all,

It seems a few people are struggling using the new Gallery. But have no fear, LancsBiker is here with another fabulous 'HOW TO', to guide you through your troubles  ;D
It may be worthwhile opening a new LancsBiker browser tab so you can try and follow this guide while uploading your image...

OK, first of all you will see the 'Media' Button at the top of the page, next to 'Calendar', click that. Or alternatively you can click 'Gallery' on the tabs at the very top of your page.

Once the Media, or Gallery, page has loaded you will be greeted by a selection of the current images in the Gallery. Feel free to have a click on them and drop some comments/ratings, but I shall proceed to advise you on how to upload your images here.
So you will want to click the 'My Albums' button, illustrated below.

Once you have clicked that, it should open a page similar to this. (if you have never uploaded an image to the Gallery, you won't have all the folders like I do, don't worry about that  ;))

You will want to click the 'New Album' button - Image below.
(Please note, you'll probably want to make a new album like this for each event, or set of pictures you upload, so that people are aware where the pictures are from, and what it is you are sharing. If you're unsure, ask a Moderator or Admin via PM)

Once you have clicked this, you will be greeted with a screen like below...

There is more to this page than I could fit on the screenshot, but nothing that you will need to ammend or worry about. The only things you need to do on this page are to fill in the 'Name' of the album on the first line, and then a 'Description' of the album in the big box. For example:

Rideout to Rivington
Description:   Ride to Rivington Barn on 27/01/2012. 6 members attended, weather was cloudy.

Or something along those lines....
Once you have done that, scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click 'Submit'.

You should now see a screen like the one below, showing the folder of your newly created Album.

To upload your picture/pictures to your new album you have two options, and it all depends on the purpose of your album. If your album is just for images you take every now and then, and you want to upload them one at a time, then click the 'ADD AN ITEM TO THIS ALBUM' button, arrowed on the left above. If the Album is for the likes of a rideout or a day trip, and you have lots of images to upload all at once, then click the 'MASS UPLOAD' button arrowed on the image above on the right. (I have explained how to use both options below)

For Single Images/Videos
After you have clicked 'ADD AN ITEM TO THIS ALBUM' to upload your ONE image to the Album, you will see a page like the one below. It is very similar to the page you saw when you created the album.

Name your Image in the 'Title' field > You can describe your image briefly if you like in the 'Description' field > Then click 'Browse' on the 'File to Upload' Field to select the image you want to upload from your computer > Once that's done, hit the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the screen again.
That's it.... Image uploaded   :D

For Multiple Images/Videos
After you have clicked 'MASS UPLOAD' button to upload your MULTIPLE images to the album, you will see a page like the one below.

Click 'Select Files' in the centre of the screen, select your desired Images or videos which you want to upload from your computer. One that is done, hit the 'Upload' button. It's that simple!
You should see the % bars move about and show your overall progress until your files are successfully uploaded. Not much more to say on that.


Hopefully this guide has helped somewhat.
If you think something should be added, or you need any further help, contact myself or Leigh and we will endeavour to help out.



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