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HOW TO - Calendar Events

« on: April 15, 2012, 11:08:39 AM »
Hi peeps.

For those of you that are not aware, we have an event's calendar on the site, which you can all add events to.

You can find it by clicking the 'Calendar' button highlighted on the image below:

To create a new event, click 'Post Event' on the dropdown when you hover your curser over 'Calendar'. You will be greeted with the screen below:

There are a list of fields;
Subject - This is the suject title for the forum topic which will be created automatically off the back of the Event you create. I usually find that it suffices to typed the same as the the 'Event Title' in here.
Event Title - Pretty self-explanatory.
Year/Month/Day Please fill this information in for the date(s) of the event.
Number of Days - Again, pretty self explanatory. How many days does the event last for?
Post in - Please keep this as preset, to 'Events / Meets' section

... Then fill in your event details/description in the box at the bootom (as you would if you were posting on any section on this site), click 'Preview' and check all the details appear correctly, then
'Post'... It's as simple as that.

Your event will then appear on the 'Calendar' looking something like this:

Clicking the little pencil icon next to where it says Events: will allow you to edit your Event details, if you've made a mistake.
Clicking the blue, name of your event - in the case of the above example Thundersprint - will take you to the forum topic, where users can discuss the event and make plans etc.

Hope this helps - all feedback appreciated  ;D


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